I am a freelance web developer based in Bristol UK. I have 9 years of experience building full stack web applications. I work with a large variety of technologies including Svelte, TypeScript, Node.js, Angular, RxJS, Vue.

When I am not programming I like to spend my time going to gigs, bouldering, and growing fruit and vegetables.


These are my favourite personal projects that I have built. For my professional history and projects, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Easy Recorder app

Easy Recorder is voice recorder app that I built using Angular and Ionic. It runs as a web app and PWA.

You can check out the code here.

Svelte Minesweeper

I built this implementation of the game Minesweeper using Svelte and Tailwind CSS.

You can check out the code here.

Get in Touch

Interested in working with me or just fancy a chat? Please do get in touch with me using the contact form below.